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Treat Yourself This Christmas With An Air Conditioner Installation From Airfreeze

Treat Yourself This Christmas with an Air Conditioner Installation from Airfreeze

Summer in Cape Town is finally here and temperatures are still comfortable for now. But just wait until January when temperatures rise above 30 degrees and you’re all sweaty and sticky. Not everyone has the luxury of a swimming pool to cool off in and taking a cold shower more than once a day is frowned upon with our water restrictions. And we both know that a traditional fan will only circulate the hot air, making it impossible to fall asleep at night or function during the day.

The only solution for surviving summertime in Cape Town is to invest in anĀ air conditioner. And now is the best time since Airfreeze is offering amazing deals this time of the year.

Air Conditioning Options for Homes Without Ductwork

Midwall Split Units
directed more towards the domestic market as well as small offices, this unit offers powerful airflow, energy saving, 24-hour timer, auto restart function, quiet operation and sleep mode.

Under-ceiling Split Units
Specifically designed for open plan areas, this system can discharge air over considerable distances. This unit offers independent dehumidification, quiet design, fan speed selector, wired remote controller, centralised control, energy efficiency, timer, sleep mode, auto restart function and horizontal air swing.

Portable Units
These types of units are excellent for renters who are not allowed to make changes to rental properties. They offer various functions such as a timer, sleep mode, auto restart function, auto swing, washable filters, easy window wall connection, LCD display & backlight, self-evaporative system
and no water drainage is required.

Enjoy everything summer in Cape Town has to offer without having to face the heat. Get in touch with Airfreeze Air Conditioner Installers Cape Town
for more information or to order your air conditioning unit today!

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