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Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling The House?

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling the House?

It’s summer in Cape Town and this time of the year it can get pretty hot. The purpose of an air conditioner is to make your home or business comfortable enough to function as you normally would. But if your aircon suddenly stops working properly, it can be tragic.

There are a few culprits that could be responsible for your air conditioning unit to stop cooling your home. Once you’ve checked that your aircon is on the right temperature setting, you can move on the list below:

Dirty Air Filter
One of the first things to check is your air filter. The air filter’s main purpose is to get rid of dirt and contaminants. When the filter becomes blocked the air won’t cool down even if the unit is running. Changing the air filter on a regular basis will prevent this problem from occurring.

Condenser Blockage
The condenser needs to be placed in an open area for it to function properly. If the condenser coil is surrounded by plants or vegetation, it can negatively impact the air conditioner’s cooling capacity.

Ductwork Damage
The ductwork is responsible to deliver and distribute cool air into a room. If your ductwork is damaged your appliance won’t be efficient as it won’t cool even when running.

Damaged Fan
Your air conditioning unit is able to blow cool air due to it various components which include the fan motor and fan. The fan draws air from the condenser while redirecting the cool air to the room. This will not be possible if the fan is broken.

Is your air conditioner running but not lowering temperature and you’re not sure which one of the above-mentioned is causing the malfunction? Get in touch with the team at Airfreeze right away so we can do the necessary aircon repairs and give you the cool air you deserve!

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