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A Cooling System: How Do I Choose One For My Home?

A Cooling System: How Do I Choose One For My Home?

Finding a heating and cooling system, or air conditioner, that is suited to your home can be a daunting idea. A good place to start will be an internet search to find a reputable air conditioning contractor.

Identifying a quality company is your first point of call. Once you have decided on the heating and cooling system that you would like to install, you can rest assured that the final working product will be exactly that – a working product.

So how do I decide?

Research: Find a Reputable Air Conditioning Company.

  • Airfreeze has project managers that will visit your home and advise on the correct size unit required to heat or cool your room. This is important as the wrong size unit will not be able to service the area effectively.  

Decide: How Many Areas Would You like to Have Air Conditioned?

  • You might want to air condition more than one area. You can decide on either a single split heating and cooling system (Indoor and Outdoor unit), or a VRF type system (multiple indoor units running off a single outdoor unit).
  • With single split systems, you will need to have space available to install the various outdoor units. This will leave less space for landscaping or gardening.
  • A VRF or VRV type system, will keep a clean look and feel to your outside area. Here you will only require one or two outdoor units. This will depend on how many areas you air condition and the size of the areas. (You can connect, more or less, up to 7 indoor units on a single outdoor unit.)

Determine: the Correct Size Unit for the Area.

  • Don’t know where to start? The project managers at Airfreeze will be more than willing and able to assist. There are various factors to consider. The size of the area, the amount of sunlight the room is exposed to and even the construction of the building. Refer to our blog How Do I Calculate What Size Air Conditioner I Need?.
  • Your larger capacity heating and cooling system is your cassette and ducted type unit. These will be able to service larger areas with higher heat loads.
  • Midwall split units range from 9 000 BTU’s up to 30 000 BTU’s.  
  • Cassette units can range from 12 000 BTU’s up to 60 000 BTU’s, depending on the brand of the product you purchase.
  • Ducted type units can range from 12 000 BTU’s, up to 82 000 BTU’s, also depending on the brand of the product.

Visualize: What Do You Want to See?

  • If you like clean lines and believe that walls are reserved for artwork, a ducted heating and cooling system will be best suited to your artistic taste. These units are concealed within the ceiling space (please note that you will require at least 300mm of clearance to accommodate the air-handling unit). The air is distributed through various types of grills, fitted within the ceiling.
  • If you don’t mind seeing your air-conditioner and price is a governing factor, a midwall split unit is a very bankable option, price- and performance-wise. Some units, like your LG Artcool and Daikin Emura, offer an aesthetically pleasing midwall split unit, with a decorative front panel.
  • Ask your Airfreeze project manager to provide brochures on the units that are available. On these, you will find information regarding dimensions, performance and you will be able to view an image of the unit.

Calculate: How Much Do I Have to Spend?

  • Budgeting is big, so when it comes to installing an air conditioner, it is important to know the difference in prices and what to expect.
  • Your high-end units, like the ducted split and cassette cooling system, will set you back more than your standard midwall split unit. Ducted systems are more complicated to install. They require ducting and grills, measured to accommodate the correct airflow needed for the area. These will be your most expensive type of units.
  • Larger capacity units are also more expensive. You will be paying more for your unit, from 18 000 BTU’s and above. 9 000 BTU and 12 000 BTU units are more affordable.
  • The distance between your indoor and outdoor units will also affect your price. This is true because the installation requires copper piping and electrical wiring between the two units. The farther the distance, the more expensive your installation.
  • Different brands will also influence your price. Premium products like the Daikin air conditioner will set you back slightly more. Make sure that you find out about the guarantees offered by the various brands, as this should also affect your decision.

Execute: Before Summer Starts, Get Your Unit Installed

  • Make sure the company you use, has qualified air conditioner installers. Some of the technicians at Airfreeze have been installing units for 32 years. Their experience in the industry is incomparable.

Book an appointment today with one of the knowledgeable project managers at Airfreeze. They will be able to identify your needs and give you sound advice, so you can make an informed decision.

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