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Why You Need To Use An Accredited Air-Conditioning Company

Why You Need to Use an Accredited Air-Conditioning Company

It’s not difficult to install an air-conditioning unit. To be honest, a back-to-back installation can be completed within 3 hours. But here is the catch. The air-conditioning unit is an appliance that requires gas to operate and by law, you need a Pressure Equipment Regulation, certified SAQCC Gas technician, to install it. So you need an Accredited Air-Conditioning Company, to complete the installation.

Some Retail stores and online platforms, all sell Air-conditioners. This makes it difficult to regulate the industry and ensure the proper completion of installations. As a result, anybody can walk into a store or fire up the laptop and place an order for a unit. They deliver, or you can collect. When it arrives, the manual provides instructions on how to install it. You can either attempt it yourself, or you can contact your friend that did the installation for your other friend. Subsequently, your unit works. But your problems will come when it requires a repair. Did you install a dedicated electrical isolator, to operate your air-conditioning unit from? Did an authorized gas practitioner complete your installation?

Your mainstream suppliers, like Daikin and Toshiba, do not sell via these outlets. This ensures product installation by an accredited air-conditioning installer. Guarantees are only offered and processed after completion of a warranty claim card and it needs to be accompanied by the invoice of the Accredited Air-conditioning Company.

Many of your accredited installers will not install a unit if you did not purchase it through them. They cannot honour the guarantee. If you install your unit by a non-accredited installer, and the unit requires repairs, you might not be able to claim for the warranty, so you end up paying more for your product.

Contact us – We are an Accredited Air-Conditioning Company

Airfreeze has 39 years of experience in the industry, making us a leading Accredited Air-Conditioning Company in the Western Cape. Our Technicians are authorized SAQCC gas practitioners. Their training and experience is key to a meticulous installation, that gives you peace of mind. Give us a call to arrange a meeting and receive your free quote.

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