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4 Common Air Conditioning Problems In Winter

4 Common Air Conditioning Problems in Winter

Many industries benefit from air conditioning year round, including retail spaces, offices and private homes. Studies show that regulated temperatures increase productivity – workers get more done and clients feel better in a cool or heated space, depending on the season.

But sometimes, air conditioners stop working out of the blue which can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Below are 4 of the most common issues people face regarding their air conditioner during winter.

1. Irregular Temperature and Air Flow
If you find that some rooms in your home are colder than others, it might be due to the effects of winter on your AC. Or it might not even be related at all. Make sure there are no cracks or holes around your doorways or windows before you get an air conditioning company to inspect ducts and vents for debris buildup and blockages.

2. Frozen Pipes
As temperatures drop, pipes tend to freeze which causes them to not function properly or even burst. Hydronic systems tend to fail when frozen water obstructs the flow inside the pipes. Ultimately, your heating will stop working due to these freezing pipes.

3. Clogged Heater Filters
If not maintained regularly or overused, heating systems can get filled with dirt, dust and debris. You can expect reduced warm air in your home due to a decrease in airflow because of these blockages.

4. Damaged Thermostat
Many times, the problem isn’t related to the hardware of the air conditioner but rather the electronics of the thermostat. It’s the job of the thermostat to regulate air temperature and encourage energy efficiency. A qualified technician can repair the faulty wiring behind the thermostat or reinstall a new one if needed.

There are many HVAC problems that can develop in your home during the course of the winter but remember that Airfreeze offers a 24-hour maintenance and air conditioning repair service so there’s no need to stress. Give us a call to schedule your maintenance today!

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