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Get The Most Out Of Your Cooling System With The Air Conditioner Maintenance Service From Airfreeze

Get the Most out of Your Cooling System with the Air Conditioner Maintenance Service from Airfreeze

A quality air conditioner is an excellent addition to any home or business but it requires somewhat of an investment on your part. Which is why it’s crucial to perform regular air conditioner maintenance service if you want to avoid costly repairs or even a replacement earlier than necessary.

How Often Should Air Conditioning Units Be Serviced

No matter what type of air conditioning equipment you have, it will need an annual inspection, cleaning and service. Get help from the experts at Airfreeze if you want the job done right the first time! Our repair teams are available 24/7 and a guarantee is offered to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

A thorough inspection from a professional like Airfreeze will include the following:

  • Measuring blow motor voltage and amperage to ensure proper function
  • Monitor and measure amps and volt draw as well as wiring connections of the compressor
  • Test, calibrate and level thermostat for proper operation
  • Air filter cleaning or replacement
  • Inspect and lubrication of bearing
  • Check indoor coil
  • Flush condensate drain
  • Check condenser coil
  • Thoroughly clean and remove debris from the condenser coil
  • Monitor operating pressures of refrigerant
  • Check safety devices for proper operation
  • Check the electrical box for safe installation and proper rating
  • Check electrical wiring for damage and tighten connections
  • Check contactors for burned contacts
  • Check wiring for any that might be exposed
  • Check and test capacitors
  • Check fan blade
  • Check service valves to ensure it functions properly
  • Check ductwork to ensure there is no energy loss

Your air can last up to 15 years or more if you take good care of it. Regular maintenance also guarantees optimal efficiency which can save you money on electricity.

Speak to the team at Antifreeze to schedule your air conditioning services Cape Town today!

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