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Here’s How The Temperature In Your Office Affects Employee Productivity

Here’s How the Temperature in Your Office Affects Employee Productivity

Most business owners understand just how crucial employee productivity is for success. Which is why it’s crucial to create an environment for optimum productivity. They also know that a hot working environment can cause fatigue and a decrease in overall productivity. But that’s not to say that you should set your thermostat to freezing cold.

Contrary to popular belief, icy cold working environments don’t make you more productive. While it will keep you awake, your body will be too busy regulating its temperature for it to focus on the task at hand. You will have difficulty concentrating.

Workplace performance improves with temperatures up to between 20 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius, with the sweet spot being 21 degrees. But it can be tricky to balance the needs and wants of every employee, especially in a large office.

One way to make sure everyone is happy and productive is to set the thermostat at 21 degrees Celsius. The next step is to educate people on what to wear. Heavy clothes will retain excess heat and affect one’s ability to work. But by wearing layers, you will not only breathe more easily, you will also be able to put on or take off layers for the ultimate comfort. It will allow you to feel the actual temperature of the office instead of what it feels like to you.

Other Strategies to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

1. Include more plants in your design
2. Make sure your staff has access to all the right equipment
3. Set realistic goals and offer support
4. Motivate and reward for good results
5. Don’t micromanage

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