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Reasons Why The Temperature In Your Home Is Not Corresponding With Your Thermostat Reading

Reasons Why the Temperature in Your Home Is Not corresponding with Your Thermostat Reading

Setting your thermostat at a specific temperature but your home doesn’t feel warm or cool enough can be frustrating. You might be feeling like you’re wasting money on electricity since you’re not getting the desired results.

While your first reaction would be to blame the air conditioning unit, there might be other elements to blame. So it’s, vital to find the cause of the issue to avoid further problems.

1. Inadequate Insulation
Your home may feel colder or hotter in various areas if it’s not properly insulated. Insulation protects your home’s interior against the exterior elements such as excessive heat or cold. It also helps to keep the heated or cooled air inside your home from escaping. Typically rooms that connect to the garage will need more insulation than other areas. If you find these rooms to be colder or hotter than your thermostat setting, get someone to check your insulation.

2. The direction of the sun
If the sun is hitting various rooms directly, it’s going to be hotter in that area than other rooms in your home. The sun will make a difference on that room even in the winter. While it won’t be an issue in the winter, in summer it can cause serious temperature fluctuations. You might want to consider some type of shading like planting a tree to stabilise the temperature.

3. Thermostat Issues
In some cases, your thermostat is the culprit and not your home. Old thermostats can sometimes show different readings than what you actually feel. Additionally, if your thermostat is close to a heat source, it might pick up on its temperature reading.

If your thermostat issues persist, it’s best to get professional air conditioning services Cape Town to come in and assess the problem. Get in touch with the team at Airfreeze Air Conditioning today!



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