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4 Myths About Split Air Conditioning Units Debunked

4 Myths About Split Air Conditioning Units Debunked

When it comes to heating and air conditioning units, split air conditioning units are hands down the most affordable choice for homes without any ductwork. Made of internal and external components, it can easily blend in with your interior design without calling for too much attention. It has many advantages, but the biggest is possibly expandability – you can just add more units to heat/cool more rooms with limited disruption.

The clear benefits and unique design of split air conditioners should make them more popular than they are right now. However, many misconceptions about them continue to exist, hurting their credibility. Below are the most common split air con myths:

#1 The Refrigerants They Use Is Harmful to Nature

While this used to be true, it isn’t anymore. Long gone are the days of using refrigerants that harm the ozone layer. These days manufacturers use substances that are proven to be more environmentally friendly.

#2 They Efficiently Cool Any Room Size

It’s true that split air con units have robust heating and cooling abilities but they don’t regulate air temperature too well in large rooms. This can easily be fixed by adding another unit on the other side of the room. Things to consider in order to choose the right unit include the number of occupants, ceiling height, room size and other potential heat or cooling sources.

#3 They Reduce Indoor Air Quality

Quite the opposite really. Because split air conditioning units don’t let dust and other allergens inside your home, they actually improve indoor air quality. In fact, they filter out any contaminants while protecting you against pollutants.

#4 They Are More Energy Efficient If Left Running

While it would be nice if this were true, split air con units don’t consume less energy if you leave them on. Don’t risk running up your electricity bill by leaving your AC on when you’re not around.

Now that you know the truth, you can make an informed decision as to what type of unit will work best for your unique situation. For a free quote get in touch with Airfreeze Air Conditioning today!

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