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How Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Cool Your Home?

How Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Cool Your Home?

During summer months most people in Cape Town use their air conditioners to combat the heat and humidity. While it’s as easy as pressing a button or two, you might have wondered how exactly your daikin air conditioner goes about cooling the humid air. Below we’ll explore how an air conditioning unit uses various components to transfer heat outside and cool your home.

Cooling the air

The daikin air conditioner inside your home draws in the warm air through vents. The evaporator coil inside the unit has refrigerant flowing through it and the warm air passes over it. The coil cools the air since it acts like a chiller pipe. The air also loses some of its moisture as it cools, making the air less humid. The cooled air then returns back into your home through the vent.

Cooling the refrigerant

The refrigerant inside the evaporator coil becomes hot as it absorbs the heat from the air. Since the refrigerant is a chemical substance, it can easily transform from liquid to gas and back. Once the heat is transferred, the fluid refrigerant turns into gas which then flows to the compressor. This process increases its pressure and the refrigerant is forced to the outside condenser unit. This is where the refrigerant returns to liquid form by releasing the heat after which the process starts all over again.

Heat transfer outside

On the outside of your home, you will find the compressor and condenser unit. This unit has a fan and metal fins that help release the heat outside once it’s released into the condenser.

Now that you know a bit more about how your daikin air conditioner works, you can appreciate how we at Airfreeze have been working with these systems for 36 years. If you need help with air conditioner installations or maintenance, speak to one of our friendly team members today.

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