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How To Reduce Electricity Costs When Using Your Air Conditioning System During A Heatwave

How To Reduce Electricity Costs When Using Your Air Conditioning System During A Heatwave

We all need air conditioning in Cape Town to stay comfortable during summer, especially January and February. But what is comfortable for one person might not be suitable for another. The thermal comfort level of an individual depends on gender, age, how tall or short they are and their weight.

Having your air conditioner run 24/7 can cost you a massive amountĀ of money. During heat waves, people tend to lower their temperatures in order to cool down their homes quickly. Colder isn’t necessarily better since it will drastically increase your electricity bill.

Below are some tips on how you can reduce electricity costs while keeping cool and comfortable during summer.

Find the magic number for your air conditioner

While it might cool down your home quickly, 18 degrees Celsius isn’t the most economical temperature for your air conditioner. Instead, setting it at 26 degrees Celsius will allow you to cool down while saving on energy costs. The less significant the difference between inside and outside temperatures, the less you’ll spend. By changing your air conditioning temperature, you could save 10% on your electricity bill.

If you come home to a house that’s hot, turning on the air conditioning unit straight away will cause it to work too hard, increasing energy consumption. Rather try and decrease the temperature setting at a slower pace.

Keep the air conditioner lower at night

While summer nights in Cape Town can be muggy and hot, the peak hours of heat will be during the day. Your body doesn’t need the same temperature level while asleep as it does during the day, thus turning down your air conditioner when you go to bed will save on energy consumption as well.

Close windows and doors while running your air conditioner

You can block heat from outside from coming in by closing all windows and doors, thus preventing your air conditioner from working too hard to cool down your space. If you’re only using one space in your home, make sure you close all other inside doors as well.

Let professionals in Cape Town service your air conditioning system on a regular basis

Keep costs down by 5% – 15% by making sure your filters are replaced regularly. Dirty filters can block airflow which will make your unit work harder. (Also see our post about why it’s important to regularly service your air conditioner)

Speak to the experts at Airfreeze for more cost-saving tips or if you need to repair or service your air conditioning system in Cape Town.

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